Asthma and Chiropractic

At Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor, we strongly believe in educating our Calgary patients as to the importance of a properly functioning nervous system and it’s relation to health and wellness, and chiropractic’s role in maintaining their spine and nervous system function. Whether Calgary people come to see a Calgary Chiropractor for neck or low back pain, here at Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor, we want to make people aware that nerves that aren’t functioning properly can be causing other health issues as well.

One of the common questions Calgary Chiropractors get while educating patients on the role of the nervous system is about children and child related health issues. The issue I want to discuss in this article is how a Calgary Chiropractor can help with the management of Asthma.

I really enjoyed reading the excerpt below that was taken from the article “Chiropractic Management of 47 Asthma Cases” Today’s Chiropractic , November 2000 by William Amalu, DC.

A 12-year-old male was referred to our clinic with the chief complaint of chronic severe persistent asthma. The onset of the patient’s symptoms began around 2 years of age. By the age of 4, he was diagnosed as severe persistent. His mother noted that almost anything from dust to cold drafts could trigger an asthmatic attack.

At the onset of care, the patient was using oral medication twice a day and three different inhalers four times per day each for a total of 24 inhalations per day. Even with this level of medication, the patient experienced daily attacks, almost constant wheezing, and a persistent tight and heavy chest. The patient was unable to engage in any physical activities that demanded more than walking. The severity of his condition prompted emergency room treatment approximately five times per year. The patient’s mother described countless hours of sleep lost each week due to her son’s attacks. His medical specialist advised that, if his condition persisted, by age 30 he would be diagnosed with chronic obstructive lung disease and would be confined to a wheelchair with oxygen by age 45.

By the end of the fourth week of care, the patient had reduced his inhaler use from 24 to four times per day. The frequency of his attacks had diminished to tone time per week at the most. The patient’s mother couldn’t believe the changes seen in her son. From an initial activity level of only walking, he was now participating in running sports.

A reevaluation was performed at this time. The patient’s mother noted an 85 percent overall improvement in his condition. The examination revealed significant improvement in all of his initial findings.

The patient continued to improve over the next two months. His medical checkups noted a steady improvement in respiratory function. Within six months from the onset of care, the patient was no longer using medication. Close to one year after initiating care, his mother called to tearfully inform me that they had just returned from a checkup with his medical specialist. She reported that the specialist couldn’t believe how much respiratory improvement had occurred and that the patient had been diagnosed as non-asthmatic.

This detailed account of what this patient had gone through is truly an amazing story and one that we at Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor, want everyone to hear about.  Many people in Calgary only know of Chiropractic benefits for neck and low back pain and not the far reaching benefits that one can attain with a properly functioning nervous system.

At Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor, we frequently hear from our patients of their decreased symptoms associated with asthma, as in less frequent attacks, less medication or use of puffers, and increased ability to perform athletics.

For more information in Calgary on Chiropractic, please contact us at 403 271 7224, Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor.  We would be please to assist you in any way we can.

Dr. Aaron CainDr. Aaron Cain has spent his life researching everything there is to know about health and maximum human performance. While earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic he also earned a Masters Degree in Sports Chiropractic, and the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

As the CEO of Fish Creek Chiropractic, a family chiropractic office, Dr. Cain has created a program that has helped thousands in the Calgary community to optimize their brain-body connection, eat better, move more and create a healthier state of mind. He maintains a busy family chiropractic practice, and finds time to implement the principles and practices of Life By Design in his own life.

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