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Addressing the Health Needs of Your Children and Teens with Safe, Gentle Chiropractic Care.

If you’ve never considered taking your child to a chiropractor, you’d be amazed at the benefits that chiropractic can offer. Dr. Cain has a long history of working with children of all ages and uses gentle adjustments to aid the body in healing naturally, allowing your kids to enjoy the level of health they deserve. So, whether your child needs help to correct a specific health problem, or you are interested in how they can benefit from a better functioning body, we are here to help. Fact is, a visit to an experienced, gentle chiropractor like Dr. Cain can improve the quality of life for Calgary residents of all ages.

It’s easier to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults.

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Dr. Cain does not take the same approach of adjustments for babies as he does with adults. Adjustments for babies are gentle and many times will go unnoticed by the child.

Can I take my baby to a Chiropractor?

It’s natural for parents to hesitate before bringing their babies to the chiropractor. For many adults, getting an adjustment can require pressure, cracking, and twisting. However, chiropractors do not take the same approach of adjustments for babies as they do adults. Adjustments for babies are gentle and many times will go unnoticed by the child. Chiropractic care in babies also keeps babies healthier because their nervous system and immune system are supported.

Can my teenage son or daughter benefit from a chiropractor?

Parents take children to chiropractors for both general wellness care and specific health issues. Chiropractic adjustments help keep the balance between joints, muscles and nerves, promoting optimal development and growth for children.

Common health issues, which Dr. Cain can address, include constipation, bed wetting, poor sleep, asthma, chronic colds and sports injuries. Dr. Cain can also treat children with neurological issues as well as children with autism, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

If your child is having difficulty with balance, such as limping or struggling to run or walk correctly, Dr. Cain offers safe, gentle, non-surgical and highly-effective treatment.

A healthy lifestyle begins early, and Dr. Cain’s integrate holistic practices have proven to help children enjoy healthier lives.

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Dr. Cain’s experience and training in chiropractic care means he’s able to address your child’s chiropractic needs most appropriately. Schedule an appointment and start your child down the road to a healthier life.

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