Meet the Massage Therapy Team

Lana Galitsyna

Lana Galitsyna, RMT

Lana is certified massage therapist in our clinic. She has 3000 hours of training and is a graduate of MaKami College. She has been a RMT since 2016.

Lana is very passionate about her work and enjoys helping people on their healing journey. She likes to incorporate relaxation massage in with myofascial release, hot stone massage, therapeutic treatments, deep tissue work, and trigger point therapy, myofascial cupping and Swedish massage. Combining these different techniques makes massage not only relaxing and enjoyable, but also effective in relieving tight muscles from every day use or injuries from overuse. In addition, Lana has experience in sports and pregnancy massage. Her approach to treatment involves a full intake assessment to identify any conditions so that she is better able to treat her clients and focus on their specific and individual needs. At the end of the day she find’s such a fulfillment knowing she has made a difference in helping her clients feel better.

Lana strongly believes in staying active in the gym to live a happy, healthy life. Her favorite activities include travel, hiking, camping with family, friends, and her dog.


Michael J. Boudreau, DMT

I began a private practice in Meridian Therapy in 1992 on a part time basis. After one year the building was sold and I began practicing mainly through house calls and on site visits still only on a part time basis.

I first came to Fish Creek Chiropractic in 1995 to continue practicing Meridian Therapy. I was happy to be a part of “the little chiropractic practice” since it was not a pompous atmosphere and treated both patients and providers with dignity. It was also a fun place to be.

My main goal is to make a difference, I have no preferred area of practice since I believe that variety gives me a challenge and challenge helps me develop as a person and a professional.
I am also a Registered Massage Therapist and I am happy to offer this service as well. I have experience and additional training in types of Massage and applications including: TMJ/TMD, Sports, Shiatsu, Passive Release, Geriatric, Palliative, Infant and Pregnancy care related massage to name a few.

In my off hours I enjoy spending time with my wife and continuing with a lifelong interest in music and continuing education.


Peter Jakobowski, RMT

My name is Peter Jakobowski and I am a Registered Licensed Certified Massage Therapist who works with a team of health and wellness professionals at Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor.

I have an extensive history in the sports, health, and wellness industry. I was a world-class athlete in Europe, where sports and relaxation massage was incorporated as a daily part of my training recovery program.

I currently hold a Canadian Championship bench press title in the sport of power lifting and competed and won at the World championship in November of 2003.

My experience with massage technique, application and muscle manipulation, together with my formal training in North America, give me a unique approach to massage therapy.

Whether your needs are specific to an existing condition, you wish to alleviate stress, improve athletic performance, or compliment your chiropractic adjustments, I am here to help with massage therapy.