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Massage therapy offers a natural conservative treatment approach that relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients.

Believe it or not, massage is about more than relaxation and luxury — because, when you work with a registered massage therapist (RMT) to receive a therapeutic massage in Calgary, you also reap a variety of health benefits. At Fish Creek Chiropractic, we have a highly skilled team of registered massage therapists who can assist you in your wellness journey by providing rejuvenating therapeutic massage that can help reduce stress, ease muscle tension and more. Discover how a therapeutic massage, tailored to your condition or injury, can help relieve your pain. Schedule your first appointment today.

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About Massage Therapy

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    Peter Jakobowski, RMT

Soft tissue mobility is one of the core requirements for a properly functioning body.

Modern day lifestyles put a lot of stress on our bodies and this can then affect how our muscles function. Auto accidents, extended hours sitting, computer work, driving, repetitive motions, relationship stresses, to much sugar, not enough water, are just some of the stresses that our body goes through that cause problems to occur.

If you ever look at a young child playing we see how they are able to go into a full squat to pick something up off the ground and it looks so easy.

Our bodies are designed to do that, but it has been so long since many of us have moved our bodies through these ranges of motion that it seizes up like a rusty old hinge. This problem can continue to get worse until we do something about it and get moving. We need to regain what was lost and not invent something new.

Massage therapy can help restore mobility. It addresses tight muscles, trigger points, soft tissue restriction, joint capsule restriction, joint movement dysfunction, decreased range of motion in joints, motor control problems, circulation issues, and lymphatic function.

The addition of a regular massage can help you to recover more quickly from injury, attain higher levels of performance, increase your capacity for strength and fitness, and promote relaxation.

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