Better Sports Performance With Chiropractic (video)

Driving a sports car in a race seems crazy to do if the steering did not work properly, the same concept can be true with our bodies.  Athletes push their bodies to the limit and in many sports coordination and balance are key ingredients to performance outcomes.  Our brain is responsible for coordinating every process of your body and the way that it gets messages to your body is through your nervous system.  Interferences in your nervous system will cause decreased body performance and therefore take away from peak athletic performance.

Top professional athletes from all different sports are constantly looking for ways to not only increase performance but to decrease chance of injury and increase recovery times.  The better the body works the better chance there is of this happening.  This is why we see an increasing number of professional athelets adding chiropractic to their regular schedule.

I still remember when I was in Chiropractic school coaching our university hockey team in the national finals and being fortunate enough to have won the national championship that year.  At the end of the game a reporter told us that the other team felt that due to the hectic schedule of the tournament we had an advantage because all of our players were getting adjusted.  Some nine years later that statement still sticks in my head because if that team knew it was such an advantage why did they not increase their own chance of winning by having a chiropractor taking care of their atheletes.

Nothing takes the place of hard work and natural talent but sometimes it can be the little things that make a big difference.  To have your spine and nervous system working at it’s top potential, give us a call.  403 271 7224

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Dr. Aaron CainDr. Aaron Cain has spent his life researching everything there is to know about health and maximum human performance. While earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic he also earned a Masters Degree in Sports Chiropractic, and the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

As the CEO of Fish Creek Chiropractic, a family chiropractic office, Dr. Cain has created a program that has helped thousands in the Calgary community to optimize their brain-body connection, eat better, move more and create a healthier state of mind. He maintains a busy family chiropractic practice, and finds time to implement the principles and practices of Life By Design in his own life.

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