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Red Meat, The Healthy Meat (video)

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The title might throw you off a bit, due to all the negative attention that red meat has gotten over the years, but when you start to look at the real science behind the health benefits of red meat it becomes clear that it should be a staple of a healthy diet.  The negative press that red meat has received appears to come from a lot of myths of saturated fats, as well as relying on research techniques called food frequency questioner (FFQ).  These FFQ’s are given to people and they try to recall what they ate in the past as well as the portion size.  This information is then broken down and analyzed to come up with trends between dietary choices and health status over a wide range of people.  More of this is talked about in the video below.

It is one thing to make conclusions off of shaky data and poor food combinations, but what about when we look just at the nutrient content of meat.  Red meat is a rich source of vitamin B12, which is vital to proper functioning of nearly every system in your body.  Other nutrients found in red meat include Vitamin D, zinc, and significant levels of other vital minerals such as magnesium, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, niacin, and vitamin B6, and selenium.  Also, probably the biggest benefit of red meat is its fatty acid profile.  Yes, its fat profile.  Often vilified for being to fatty the fat in red meat is actually good for you.  I will cover the benefits of saturated fats in another article and video in the near future.

I realize that for some people this information can sound completely off the wall and opposite to everything you have heard in the past, so I encourage you to do more research on your own about the subject.  A great place to start would be here.


Written by Dr. Aaron Cain

Health, wellness, and optimum performance have always interested Dr. Cain. As a kid and early adult, he spent a lot of time training for the goal of being the best hockey player that he could be. This quest brought him to different levels, including junior hockey in Flin Flon Manitoba, Northern Michigan University, The Calgary Flames minor league system, and then over to Europe. As the level of competition increased, it became more apparent that even small increases in performance could make a large difference in what level a player could reach. His experience really motivated him to research optimum performance in athletes. It made sense to him that, if the brain and nervous system control the entire body, the better that this system works, the better the person works. This led Dr. Cain to his next path, Chiropractic School in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Cain received a master’s degree that focused on athletes and human performance. As fun as it was to work with athletes of all different levels, he started to shift his focus more towards family practice and educating people on not only chiropractic, but also on the way they eat, move, and think. Dr. Cain has always loved the city of Calgary and all that the mountains had to offer. So in 2004, he decided to move here and start his chiropractic practice. Since that time, he has found it very rewarding to help the people of his community reach their health goals and to expand their minds to what is possible by making healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. Cain looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the level of health you deserve.
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