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Sitting and Back Problems (video)

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If you have ever been to my office you may have noticed the sign that says “sitting rots your spine like sugar rots your teeth”. 

Many people who have health issues or back pain get confused when a problem seems to arise for no reason.  I typically hear people say “I didn’t do anything and ____ just started hurting”.  We really don’t consider sitting to be bad for us but the effects of sitting for long portions of the day, for more than six hours, can have a serious effect on our life expectancy.  A recent study done showed that people who sit for over six hours a day have up to a 40 percent greater risk of death over the next 15 years than those who sat for less than three hours a day.  For more information on how sitting causes problems and some ways to get around sitting please watch the video below.

I think one of the more surprising things from the research done on how sitting affects life expectancy was that it was the same for people that exercised as well.  The point being is if you sit for long periods of time, exercising does not balance the equation and erase all the negative affects.  We need to get more mobile and keep our spines moving on a regular basis.

Some tips for ways that we can keep mobile, even with a desk job, would be to stand when you can, go for walks on breaks, sit on a ball or sitting disc, walk to work or ride a bike, and I think the most creative way to be more mobile is to work from a treadmill desk.  I have not seen any studies done on productivity from a treadmill desk but it sounds interesting.

The full written article can be found here.


Written by Dr. Aaron Cain

Health, wellness, and optimum performance have always interested Dr. Cain. As a kid and early adult, he spent a lot of time training for the goal of being the best hockey player that he could be. This quest brought him to different levels, including junior hockey in Flin Flon Manitoba, Northern Michigan University, The Calgary Flames minor league system, and then over to Europe. As the level of competition increased, it became more apparent that even small increases in performance could make a large difference in what level a player could reach. His experience really motivated him to research optimum performance in athletes. It made sense to him that, if the brain and nervous system control the entire body, the better that this system works, the better the person works. This led Dr. Cain to his next path, Chiropractic School in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Cain received a master’s degree that focused on athletes and human performance. As fun as it was to work with athletes of all different levels, he started to shift his focus more towards family practice and educating people on not only chiropractic, but also on the way they eat, move, and think. Dr. Cain has always loved the city of Calgary and all that the mountains had to offer. So in 2004, he decided to move here and start his chiropractic practice. Since that time, he has found it very rewarding to help the people of his community reach their health goals and to expand their minds to what is possible by making healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. Cain looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the level of health you deserve.
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